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HONEST have clear focus to produce best quality textile machineries and satisfy the requirements as per customer demand. Our aim is to give maintenance free, user friendly with consistent quality of parts with interchangeable to our products, and increase our sales. We will do continual improvement in our products, process , delivery & services through customer / user's feedback. We believe in team spirit , team work and maintain high standard of work environment.

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Human Resource Department

honest Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.  is a new generation Company and a pioneer in their field. Their attitude for the Company reflects on the most important Input of any Industry…The Human Factor.
At HTCPL, skilled operators are recruited for performing of specific tasks. An added advantage of the HTCPL is a well-defined Organizational Structure from the management level to the lowest range of the employees.
It is a general policy of imparting training to each new recruit at HTCPL. A specific training Program has been chalked out for different departments so that the new employee gets well versed with the applied norms in Production, Quality Control and other departments.
A continues education program facilities are also given to the Staff and Workers at HTCPL, so that the staff and employees can get abreast with the latest techniques used in the Industry. This will ultimately improve the Production and Quality at HTCPL also. Honest also has the new management techniques at work with regards to the Organizational Behaviour and Staff Motivation. Staffs are kept motivated and also their opinions and suggestions for the betterment of work are taken into consideration. This gives a high retention rate at Honest thus ultimately resulting in a highly skilled staff and workers amalgamation.

(CEO / MR)

"Honest Trading has helped me grow. At Honest Trading, rather and above everything else is the Job Satisfaction level achieved. The Quality Conscious attitude applied at Honest Trading makes the Production side working a pleasure. Secondly Honest Trading gives me a chance to keep getting educated, which could have been difficult otherwise. This way I can keep myself updated
with the latest in the Textile World"

"I have been with Honest Trading from its birth and it has been a family. At Honest Trading, responsible Authority structure has been maintained throughout its Organization Hierarchy. This independence as well as interdependence makes give and take of information a company policy itself."

(Dy. MR)

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