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HONEST have clear focus to produce best quality textile machineries and satisfy the requirements as per customer demand. Our aim is to give maintenance free, user friendly with consistent quality of parts with interchangeable to our products, and increase our sales. We will do continual improvement in our products, process , delivery & services through customer / user's feedback. We believe in team spirit , team work and maintain high standard of work environment.

Technical Specification Semi Automactic Loom


Model  Semi Automatic Loom
Model Type VTM
Reed Space 30" (760mm),   45" (1145mm),   52" (1320mm)
  56" (1420mm), 60" (1525mm),   64" (1625mm),
  68" (1730mm)  72" (1830mm),   78” (1981mm)
Drop - Box       1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x4
Shuttle Size (TL) Tongue Less Type
  394 x 27 x 37(mm),  394 x 29 x 39(mm), 394 x 31 x 41(mm)
  (On Request  (WT) With Tongue Type  406 x 35 x 45)
Reed Fast Reed, Loose Read on Request.
Shedding Treadle & Cone Pulley Type or Positive Shedding
(OPTIONAL) Dobby or Jacquard can be mounted.
Pick Under Pick.
Driving Individual Motor Driving.
Speed 110 - 140 RPM (Depending on Yarn, Reed Space etc.)
Handle Right or Left.
Weft Fork Side Fork System. For Pick by Pick Loom Centre Fork System.
Letting Off Semi Positive Regulated Let off Mechanism
with Separate Frame or Attached Frame.
Take - Up 5 Wheels or 7 Wheel Pickle's Take Up Mechanism.
Driving mechanism of loom is so designed to achieve maximum efficiency by smooth and economical transmission and production by high speed running.The loom is individually driven by one electric motor 0.5HP to 1.0 HP 930 RPM by 2 V belts. The loom is capable of running at 110 - 140 RPM depending on reed space and fabric quality. Heavy Brake System provided to avoid weaving defects.
Unique centre picking is adopted for smooth and uniform action for high speed operation. Large cams give very smooth picking and ensure longer life for the shuttles, pickers and picking sticks. 
Double Roller Ball Bearing :
Loom with ball bearing can also be provided at Emery Roll, Rocking Shaft, Crank Shaft, Bottom Shaft and Driving Pulley if so desire.
VTM: This model is most versatile and widely used for a variety of application, in all over the country. The same machine is being used for, weaving Saris, Dress material. Suiting - Shirting and industrial fabrics. It can weave up to 250 Gms / sq. meter.
This is upgraded version of the above model. Here the crank and the bottom shafts are made heavier to suit to the requirements of control panel which will give frequent jerks, due to instant stops, and also to meet the requirements of 1200 hooks jacquards.
Here, the features of above models are equipped with ball Bearings at rocking shaft and emery roll.
In this model, the main features VTM - PBT models are supported by providing ball bearings at crank shaft – bottom shaft, rocking shafts, emery roll. This helps in getting higher loom-RPM. There by increased productivity, better fabric weaving, low power consumption and it can weave higher denier and higher picks also.
Heavy Reed Pick:
You can weave heavy reed pick on this machines as compared to other Indian machines.
Higher Output:
It is observed that due to low maintenance, the down time have been minimised. These have also proved economical and have very good result into higher output.
Increased Speed:
You can increase the RPM of the loom which can give higher output.
Low Power Consumption:
Having used ball bearings, the movement of parts have become easy and hence, the power consumption has reduced. One person can handle 4 to 6 machines depending on preparatory yarn qualities and weaver; this has resulted in good amount of saving in recurring expenses.
Low maintenance:
There has been lot of reduction in breakages of spares.
Taking up:
The Pickle’s indirect and intermittent (7wheel motion) take up system is adopted in loom. The change gear is such that each tooth corresponds to one pick.The breast roller, guide roller and press roller are of steel pipes. Emery roll and cloth roll are made of steel pipe. Cloth roll can be replaced without stopping the loom. The five wheel attachment gives the cloth proper tension and the time even when the cloth is unrolled.
Letting Off:
The letting of system is of frame type which maintains uniformity of warp tension and constant speed by super sensitive and accurate tension control.It is positive type with automatic feeler link mechanism with self lubricating bushes in the tension lever brackets. Guide roller and tension roller are made of plated steel pipes. Unrolling head wheel is provided at both front and rear side of the loom. The warp tension for different weights of fabrics can be made by adjusting the position of guide roller without changing weight on the levers. The large package operation is Practicable on the let-off system with the threaded beam and flanges up to 20”dia.
An improved fast reed system of beating is employed in this model for stable flight of shuttle and correct beating of weft. Steel slay is supplied for longer life and for weaving heavy quality of fabrics.
Shedding in is adopted with double treadle bowls with tappet to achieve ideal shedding. The loom can weave plain fabric with tappet motion. It can also accommodate dobby up to 24 or 40 for jacks or 400, 600, 800, 900, 1200 hooks jacquards can be used.


Technical Specification Semi Automactic Loom reed space

Semi Automactic Loom Technical Specification Feature    
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